Portraits can stay forever

portrait made to a proud granpa of his new granddaughter.

comissiond work from a century old severly damaged passport photo.

Portraits are made to satisfy all kinds of needs and desires. A good art portrait, can bring much apreciation, and may stay with us for ages.

You should bear in mind that the artists I work with, though young and at the beginning of their artistic career, are very talented. Any of them have great potential to develop both artistically and be of a great investment. Do you wish to remember old beloved, but have only a tiny faded & damaged photo you wish to have made by an excellent artist, practically at any size, The cost might amaze you.

This  one is a girl on her Bat Mitzva celebration.

We can appoint for you the most talented artists for any kind of work you need.

We can make it with any Technique, medium ( Oil, Water, Pastel, Charcoal, Etc) on any material (Canvas, Paper, etc).

The finished art work will be sent to you by matter of days any where in the world.

First steps for a good portrait

The road to a good portrait  begins with a good photo.

Optimal results generally are obtained with natural  lighting, preferably those taken in the early morning or late afternoon. The light  should come from above, between side and front of the face.

No direct sunlight, No flash. Take  the picture at least two meters away, to avoid distortion. Preferably at the eye  level. Try some takes from different angles – enface, profile, turn, tilt. Just see what you like.

Hair – matters a lot. If you have long hair try some variations. Notice that in many portraits the hair is about half the picture! It make much of the look. Sholders – strait forward is the most common. Try takes with differnt standing.

Bear in mind that the artist knows nothing about you and all he has is your picture to work with.

Naturally, he can alter the work, after all, he is what I call a human Photoshop.

But you should be as specific as you can.


Let me get it for you!

Chiang Mai is a unique art  phenomenon. It has much greater share than her fair share in artists that excel in many ways. So here I shall show just a small variety of art works that this place has to offer.

Try me – I am not a dealer. You can tell me your  wishes and  I will find out for you – the best quality and price.

I will charge  just for my time (Modest fee even in Thailand’s  terms). No other kind of  hidden deals or tricks.

Chiang Mai hand painted paper parasols.

Makes a great gift, besides being an amazing art work to serve as background and as a versatile photo accessory.