“As it is clear that we are just at the cradle of creating this museum project so we are open to any kind of sponsorship that you may tailor and build according to whatever suits you right.”

Landing at this page – means we got your attention to have interest in this unique intringing project!

Based on what we displayed at the leading page – 

Will consider any offer/idea/suggestion/approach about the kind and scope of sponsorship to help develop this project into reality that serves us.

Interested to take a part in this – lets contact and have your ideas, thoughts and your interest in

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For enquiries: Contact via https://tlmuseum.com/contact-me/

Grab that oportunity

Whether you are :




                                               Collector of exquisite art.

Familiar with the art market? You sure know the Fine Art Market is a Scam.

HUGE. Watch my blog, these twovideos.

Let us shape a new reality of art independent Museum outstanding original art work keeping Old masters Painters Quality, Style, Spirit, Tradition and Agenda

Here we got a uniqe offer.

ARTists PARadise  –  artists heaven on earth surrounds a fantastic museum among artists pavilions, beautiful flowers and green trees, by a spring, spotted lily ponds,  with pure and clear water you have ever seen.

Sounds too good to be true? It is now or never. Let’s give it a try. Since letting all your art decay and perish is no option.

Read and discover the best for you – As Investors, Partners, Sponsors and Artists.

Take control on your legacy & heritage impact.

Govern your museum

What is your legacy at all? XX M $ in bank?

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Govern your museum.

Art is for the true fearless genuine,
Put up your head. Roll up your sleeves. Nobody will do it for you.
Join forces at reshaping all that’s wrong in the art museums world.
Action. No crying.

The vision

To establish an ARTists PARadise museum campus with a unique, independent and high-quality art museum at its center – for display, creation, preservation, marketing, as part of life in a community unique to veteran artists, in nature in a unique environment. Lake, golf courses, malls, restaurants, and hospital nearby. World Famous peaceful and friendly internationally adored city of Chiang Mai.

Why Chiang Mai? Near perfect location. As I wondered in the world a lot as a skkiper and pilot I know that no place has no obstacles, yet Chiang Mai got the highest score. Yet this vision can be good for many locations.

Let us build a museum from scratch

We design, build, and operate all by ourselves.

I have the vision. the desire, the flame I have the plan.
I need you Investors, Partners, Sponsors and artists


I hadn’t yet built or managed a museum. Yet. Not even have multi million $$$ to pour on a fancy museum shell. Not reject a tykoon buying my idea to have his name on the museum, actually - hope so.

No tycoon?
You can have your name or immortalize and commemorate a name on a museum wing, floor, hall, or building.

As museums have a sad tendency of not falling from the sky or not even growing on trees… and just waiting for you. That museum project needs to generate resources. Sponsors are naturally blessed. The museum complex will have a museum shop and galleries for selling art.

WE HAVE HERE a comprehensive project plan – Actually as I put up the figures it is a highly profitable and personal achievement rewarding project. Project address two crowds as habitants: Veteran artists and collectors. – To pay for their pavilions and share of the project site, museum and facilities provided onsite. Art lovers who will visit and consume art.

Now – time for you to read my whole plan.

So whether you are :

Investor/Partners    Sponsors     Artists     Collector 

For enquiries: Contact via https://tlmuseum.com/contact-me/