Why What What What and what’s new

Leaving all my deep long-lasting paradigm that reigned last jubilee to only paint and make a total U turn. – Open a shop and sell my paintings?????
I still, even now, struggle with self.
Like Diogenes searching truth deep and beyond and materialize on canvas and doing.
But came to realize the harsh truth that it is time I have to let my creations-children- paintings to go out to the world. At the physical word, find a good home for them and not just by a virtual museum that is highly satisfying.
My duty for them and myself.
Friends and people who happen to see and love my paintings and offered to buy them.
But met the solid wall I build.

Walls pulling down time has come. All those years I focused in best artistic work. Quality speaks for itself. Is it?
Even these days? of influencers? Fake and biased media?
Up to them. Yes they are. You are the only judge. Two hands create the value of art work. Artistic and superb creating, on one hand and the universally acclaimed value of money. FB likes, Influencers, media, curator and the noisefog alikes dry straw.
Eternal work? Well, its eternal. Laugh at years beyond any passing fashion.

Old about me:

Lorberboim artwork is the only reason for The Lorberboim Museum.
Nature and reality live united on canvas masterly painted. See this exceptional wonderful amazing world through my eyes as an artist.
The struggle, the joy, and all the emotions behind the scene. This online museum shows the love and appreciation towards nature and uncovers how unique view perspective creates artwork.
It is rarely you see something that inspires you, and your inner being tells you to how to manipulate and preserve it on canvas.

The Lorberboim Museum tells a story, of leaving trails in time, for people not blind to see and get inspiration. It is pure magic how humble crayons tell you how magnificent and beautiful nature glory is, that display through artwork.

Just an independent artist, looking at life in open-minded through the nature’s glory windows, changes all the time.

I have been painting all my post university life.


During all my painting life, I have got many approaches “I want to buy”. Heavenly music For me. Alas, any piece of my paintings is still very dear and wish it to have the proper life and home when I’m done with this world. But, for the time being, I want to show them to the world.

But I would love to see my paintings in other people’s eyes. When they make an offer, I feel joy and sorrow for having to decline them. There can nothing be more joyful than seeing my art liked by people, and they are willing to actually buy.

My professional journey started as a simple printer apprentice.

Then I got my MBA degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I worked as an in-charge-Printing and Publishing industry, at the Ministry of Industry in Israel where I could kill many fake and biased attempt to churn money from government pockets. Later on, I joined as an Economist Controller on Banking, at the Bank of Israel. I had a good working experience but painting was my true deep desire, at after working hours.

I am an old-fashioned artist, trying to preserve basic values that are long lost in modern times.
My quest for life; the food, the people, and nature has brought me as an international skipper to many places on the globe.
Thailand and Israel are my chosen lands.

Yours, Lorberboim