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First Lucky customer?
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Note:        “A 2 B = Artist to busines- My approach” 

 Benefits of buying here – straight from the artist:

  •  No galleries charge much (way over 50%) of your money on   commissions.
  • No “experts” to tell you for a fee, you don’t know about art or understand and how to think about  art, and drive you to their interests and fat commissions. 


Museum’s print shop Presenting one extraordinary edition collection.

Offers reproductions of limited edition of 36 paintings Numbered from 1- up to 12, plus 2 AP. 

Have 3 levels, of print price:

700.-;  600.-;  500.-. us $

Each level paintings usually displays themes like:  Scene, Figure, Jerusalem, Thailand and animals.                                                                 

Hoover on any painting in this grid and click one to get details.       


Mystery lucky boxes –

Offers at 3 levels.

Each box may contain 3 to 5 prints at price 2500.-, 2200.-, 1800.- us $.

Selected by the museum from 36 paints featured above.


NFT – 0n any of the 36 originals appear at the print shop,

Have an NFT version.